Secret Life of Trees (excerpts)
improvised score, directed by Peter Bingham/EDAM

Vancouver International Dance Festival
March 2016

“Liminal spaces” (excerpts) 
improvised score, directed by Peter Bingham
EDAM Choreographic Series Nov 2014

And “air filled with promise” (excerpt)
improvised score, directed by Helen Walkley
EDAM Choreographic Series May 2014

directed by Daisy Thompson

The Dance Centre
October 2014 

Feast (trailer)
choreographed by Katie Devries

Firehall Arts Centre
July 2014

this hallow space has a corridor (excerpts)
improvised score, directed by Michael Kong

The Dance Centre
June 2014

Re-Marks on Source Material (excerpts)
choregraphed by Daisy Thompson

SFU Woodwards
July 2013

Research in Improvisation
open improvisation, facilitated by Helen Walkley
Performers: Olivia Shaffer, Deanna Peters and Bevin Poole

The Dance Centre

EXILE is a somber yet humourous theatrical dance work exploring diaspora, isolation and censorship by Hong Kong Exile

SFU Woodwards
October 2012

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