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Co.ERASGA Tour to the Philippines

Co.ERASGA presents the company’s newest ensemble creation choreographed by critically acclaimed Vancouver choreographer, Alvin Erasga Tolentino. Collected, Traces and Still Here features seven outstanding dancers from Vancouver and Manila. Tolentino’s quest in this new creation focuses on the transcendent principle of the body’s relation to indigenous traditional arts. CTSH brings traditions alive creating a dynamic continuation of an offering to transport Tolentino’s new visionary dance, and honours and reveals his rich ancient ancestral heritage. The dancers are the canvasses of motion which evoke traditional practices still relevant and existing today, giving light to the shadow of the past, memory in the body and lineage of identity.

“contemporary, progressive, and provocative” -  Georgia Straight

January 23 - February 19, 2017 in the Philippines
Davao City:
Carmen D.Locsin Dance Foundation at Locsin-Lanang Theatre
Los Banos Laguna:
Makiling Inter-Cultural Arts Festival at the National Arts Center Theater
At Diliman University of the Philippines
The PARCFoundation Philippines, San Juan


CHOREOGRAPHY: Alvin Erasga Tolentino
From Manila: Ronelson Yadao & Kris-Belle Mamangun
From Vancouver: Sophia Wolfe, Walter Kubanek, Molly McDermott, Olivia Shaffer & Ralph Escamillan
SOUND DESIGN:Emmanuel Mailly
LIGHTING:Mark Eugster
COSTUMES:Ines Ortner

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