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Presentation as part of Dave Biddle's MFA Graduating Project,
in collaboration with movement specialist Olivia Shaffer.

Lep-E Alternatives™ Presents -  *** BecauseWeAreUsedToLiving ***

World Arts Centre, SFU Woodwards, 149 West Hastings
Friday November 3rd, 2017 - 5 pm SmartStartTime™
The Lep-E Promise: We Take Care of Humans

In 1911, the same year Kafka wrote his Leopards in the Temple aphorism, a cougar repeatedly broke into the Stanley Park zoo, killed goats, and drank their blood. Eventually the city brought in a team to hunt the cougar down and kill it. The taxidermy cougar was then placed in the Stanley Park pavilion and incorporated into its exhibitions. Ninety five years later Vancouver based musician and sleep therapist Linda Fox released her debut album Leopards Break Into My Heart. This album, though meeting absolutely no critical success, has recently gained a cult following in Vancouver's Post-NewAge scene.

Using a combination of text, video, sound, and performance BecauseWeAreUsedToLiving takes a closer look at the music of Linda Fox while exploring the role of membranes in symbiogenesis, where the merging of two or more species creates an entirely new species. In particular, it is considered where these membranes exist in documentation.


- This presentation will introduce you to a place worth taking care of. 
- This presentation will try to figure out how to teach you how to sleep better. 
- This presentation will incorporate you into the ritual. 
- This presentation will take no responsibility for lost or stolen items. 
- This presentation will explain how you got here. 

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