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image: Sören Wacker

image: Sören Wacker

Upcoming classes

Professional level contemporary classes
at Training Society of Vancouver (677 Davie St.)
Wed Nov 14 and Fri Nov 16

Contact improvisation classes
at EDAM Dance (303 East 8th Ave.)
Mon Nov 19, Tue Nov 20, Thu Nov 22 and Fri Nov 23

Olivia’s approach to dance and movement is rooted in her interests of the meeting of our body’s physical sensations, functional capabilities, and outwardly expressivity. The combination of these three elements is what she believes cultivates a dancer’s embodied, tuning to the present moment.

Class will begin with a guided warm-up to deepen awareness of ourselves in relationship to gravity by sensing the balance between tension and ease. Developmental movement principles such as yielding, head-tail connection, and push patterns will be considered to facilitate pathways that move us in and out of the floor with ease and efficiency. We will travel through space utilizing “scores of limitation” to create opportunities to unlearn habitual patterning to enrich the possibilities of our dancing.

As we begin to improvise together we will discover the innate physics in our movements, using gravity as a tool rather than a hindrance. Similarly, by learning to gently pour our weight we notice how timing can allow for effortless movements. We will consider the notion of physical empathy, exploring how we can make ourselves light and supportive in surrendering to weight flow and counterbalance.



2018 classes

Early morning classes
at False Creek Community Centre (1318 Cartwright St.)
Tuesdays 7:50-8:50am, until Dec 4
Drop in $16 or $90/6 classes (online or 604-257-8195)

Evening classes
at Ron Zalko Gym (1807 W 1st Ave.)
Wednesdays 7:30-8:30pm, until Dec 12
$10 drop-in (Cash only - mention "Olivia's guest rate" at reception)

This fun and invigorating exercise system will leave you feeling taller, leaner, and with more mental clarity. Challenging yet low-impact exercise tones muscles while improving flexibility, range of motion, and posture.

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